Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Mission

     I am a Christian. A relatively new Christian, but a Christian nonetheless. I have found in my short time walking with Jesus that there are many false doctrines and teachings, and I have made it my mission to decipher through those to find the truth that the Bible teaches. I don't claim to know all that is true, or even to know more than any one person, but I do know the desire of my heart: to know God's truth as much as He will show it to me. I plan to write as often as I can to publish doctrines and teachings that have helped me immensely in the past, and others that will inevitably help me as I move forward.
     I have only two goals in writing this blog. The first is to help others find the extraordinary Truth that I have found. It is amazing what God can do with your life if you seek Him earnestly and open your mind to the facts that He has laid before us. The second is to find more truth for myself. I would love nothing more than for people to read something I write and then contact me to add or correct what I am saying. If just one person finds truth here, or helps me find more, then this venture has been a success to me. If this becomes a network for friends and fellowship as I hope it will, then let all the glory go to God, without whom I never would have done this.
     I invite you to follow me and keep updated with what I am writing. I invite you to comment on my posts, not only if you agree and it has helped you, but also if you disagree or I have not said enough. I also invite you to email me your ideas for something I could research and write about. I want to learn, so if you have something to teach me, suggest to me, or add to my posts, please don't hold back. I am no English professor. That much is probably clear to you already, so please forgive grammatical, punctuational, or any other errors you may find. I welcome your criticism and correction, so please give it. If anyone should ever wish to edit for me, let me know, because God knows I need it. I would be happy to send you all of my posts to correct them before publishing.
     Thank you for reading even this much. May God bless this work, and may you continue to seek God, because those who seek will surely find.

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